Heidi Kerring was born and raised in Germantown, Maryland. She began acting in theatre at a very young age through school plays and classes. By the age of 14 she discovered acting for the camera which turned out to be love at first sight. She began doing extra work on major motion pictures such as ‘Rocket Science.’

Throughout high school, Heidi continued acting on the stage in school productions, but also maintained her acting for the camera classes on the side. After high school graduation she wished to move directly to New York or L.A to pursue acting, but her parents urged her to get her college degree. Making a large leap to sunny Florida, Heidi studied Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida. While there, she racked up film credits by being cast in student films at both UCF and the neighboring film school, Full Sail. ​​​​​​​​

​​​​By her junior year, Heidi took an acting class, on the side of her college classes, with L.A actress Yvonne Suhor where she studied Meisner. By her senior year, Heidi decided to move back up north for her last year of college to be close to her family before making an even greater leap to Los Angeles. Attending Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, Heidi switched her major and graduated with a degree in Communications in June 2010. During her senior year at Towson, she acquired two more student film credits and her first two IMDB credits by scoring speaking roles in independent films. ​​​

By September 2010, Heidi finally made the move to L.A where she began taking classes studying at such places as Lesly Kahn and Upright Citizens Brigade. About six months after her move, Heidi was cast in a SyFy webseries which earned her SAG eligibility. She also did work on the set of ‘Bold and the Beautiful,’ and played alongside Hilary Duff in the movie ‘She Wants Me’. Slightly exhausted from the L.A hustle and bustle, Heidi decided to go on a little ‘life-hiatus’ and moved to Australia for seven months where she studied advanced acting at Screenwise in Sydney.


Returning to L.A in September 2012, she hit the ground running being cast in a new comedy webseries, as well as a short comedic film which went on to win multiple awards. Throughout 2013-2014, Heidi starred in another short film which was up for best dramatic short at the Bare Bones Film Festival, co-starred in a comedic short film, and she also joined the cast of the popular web series 'Youthful Daze' which she filmed for 3 season. 


In 2017, Heidi decided to head back east to Maryland to be closer to home and to branch out into the New York entertainment industry. Heidi is now a bi-coastal actress in both Washington D.C/ New York and Los Angeles, CA.